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"It was a pleasure getting to meet you and learn about the care and quality you instill in your work. Let me tell you, it shows in the results! The clean up and reproduction of my jazz album was difficult because of the wide variety of sounds, unusual percussion and age of the album. It is clear from talking with you and hearing the results that ..."

Can I order a DVD transfer and then use the DVD at home to edit the video?

If your video editing package is capable of importing video directly from DVD’s, then the answer is YES. Otherwise, extracting video for editing from DVDs is complicated and most casual computer users will fail. We offer a wide range of Data DVD options (high quality MP4 for video editing, Data file for uploading on YouTube, or AVI video made to your specifications). You will get a video DVD (for easy playback in your DVD player and archiving) AND your data DVD (in your preferred format).