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"Hi. I received the cd on Friday, the 7 of Sept. It was postmarked the 29 of Aug. This is a standard time one wuld expect something to get to here from the States, since labour day was sandwiched in the shipping time. The package was not opened by customs and not inspected, and I was not assessed any duty or inspection (handling) charge, which ..."

Can I send back the transfers for a refund?

We do not accept any unauthorized returns. Just as with any “special order”: “all sales are final”. This statement is meant to protect us from the very few, but harmful individuals who occasionally try to abuse the system and get free transfers/restorations from us. If a problem is detected please let us know. We will look into the problem and if we find that we have made a mistake we will be very embarrassed, apologize profusely and immediately fix any mistake we have made at no cost to the client. Our determination of “what is a mistake” is final (this is also meant to protect us from the same). If a recording is sent back to us with a perceived problem for us to fix, but after analyzing the problem we do not find that we made a mistake, we will charge a “Setup Fee” plus return shipping. Since “all sales are final” and since we always fix our mistakes there should be no credit card disputes. Unfortunately we live in a litigious society. Some individuals attempt to get free work out of us by working the credit card as a tool for getting free services. We conduct our business in a fair, competent and professional matter. Because of that we have NEVER lost a dispute yet. Credit Card disputes introduced in spite of our terms and conditions will incur a non-disputable $60 fee per dispute dismissed by the credit card company (and ruled in our favor). This $60 fee will be charged when the credit card company rules in our favor, and is non-disputable. If the matter is escalated and requires arbitration, arbitration ruled in our favor by the Credit Card company will incur a $400 non-disputable fee per incident. This $400 fee will be charged when arbitration is ruled in our favor or when arbitration was requested, but subsequently forfeited by customer, and is non-disputable.