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"Oh my gosh! Just got my CD's today and I can't believe the quality of them! It brought tears to my eyes to hear a recording that I haven't heard in over 30 years. You did a fantastic job on tapes that were old and haven't been played in a long time. The sound and even the wording on the CD's is amazing!!! Keep up the great work and I would ..."

Can I use the CD you produce to make additional copies at home?

  • If the recording has a copyright owner other than yourself, then copying or distribution by any means is strictly prohibited. If you are the copyright owner or the recording has no copyright, then you may be able to make additional copies. However, this is a complicated technical issue which depends upon your hardware, software and media.
  • In addition, the technology for copying audio CDs is NOT entirely the same as for copying data CDs. When copying data CDs, data integrity is guaranteed (the CD will either copy perfectly, or will not copy at all). With audio CDs, data integrity is NOT guaranteed. It is very common for audio CDs to copy with errors. The user is not alerted that errors are being copied and it is possible to end up with an audio CD copy that sounds much worse than the master CD.
  • That’s why it is best to order additional CD copies from us at the time you place the order. The copies we produce are IDENTICAL to the master (because they are created from the master digital file, not from another audio CD).

ATTENTION: we do not provide technical support, warranties, guarantees or assistance for further duplicating our CD’s.