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"The job you guys did on Manhattan Wildlife Refuge and Tiger of San Pedro by Bill Watrous exceeded my expectations. The sonic quality and texture was really as good as the day the vinyl was brand new. Having these in a form which will last for a very long time without deterioration is quiet a joy to me. You will certainly get additional business ..."

Can you convert from Voice-O Graph?

Question: We have 2 [Voice-O-Graph] old records we tried playing on a turntable, but they wouldn’t track. One had Voice-O-Graph on both sides. The other had Voice-O-Graph on one side and Woodside Park, Philadelphia, Penn. on the other side.

Answer: Yes, we are used to a certain amount of trouble with playback of recordings such as yours, but in most cases we are successful in transferring them to CD. Should you decide to send them to us for transfer to CD, here is the info page (with pricing and other info): Home-Made-Records Restoration to CD