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"My Wife’s sister had many old 33 LPs that had seen better days. On one of her visits to our house she asked if I could try and record some of her albums to cassette tapes as the LPs were really becoming worn and scratched. I recorded a few of the old albums, but gave up because the quality of the tapes was not any better than the LPs. My ..."

Directivity coefficient

To make a comparison between various microphones, this term was introduced to indicate the power output of a nondirectional mike in relation to a directional mike of equal sensitivity in a diffuse sound field. An ideal cardioid mike has a DC of 3. Since the intensity of sound decreases as the square of the distance, the cardioid mike may be used at a distance of 1.7 times farther than a nondirectional mike with the same amount of disturbing ambient noise.