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"I want to thank you for another successful transfer. This is the second order you have done for me, (this time you did 2) and all the results have been excellent. My wife was with a group called the “Womenfolk” in the 60’s and they had five or six albums. I’ve been able to find them all on Ebay and with your transfers our whole family ..."

Do you charge my Credit Card when I place the order?

It depends on the charge amount, the nature of the order and if you are a return customer.

For previous customers and small amounts the credit card is charged after we complete the work and right before we ship your order. For orders where the recording length was not known (or uncertain) we charge as soon as we determine the actual transfer lengths.

  • At any rate, it is the client’s responsibility to make sure that we can process the charge from the day the order is placed until the day work is completed and we are ready to ship. If the credit card used has stopped functioning before we have completed work on an order, it is the client’s responsibility to submit correct information. If we have to defer processing or returning an order because the card was declined, an admin fee will be added to the total.