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"Thanks so much for the beautiful job you did on my LPs! The Vivaldi IS breathtaking! I really think it's better than the original. All the LPs I've sent you are family favourites, 20-30 years old, that we haven't been able to play for about 12 years, and you can't imagine how wonderful it is to be able to hear them again. I don't have any more ..."

Do you convert to DVD interactive LaserDiscs? How about still frame LaserDiscs?

  • Regular LaserDisc transfer prices are for LaserDiscs that play continuously (without operator intervention) from beginning to end. Still Frame and Interactive LaserDiscs require operator intervention for each chapter stop (LaserDisc playback stops) or prompt (LaserDisc playback stops and requires operator intervention). There is no “automated” way of converting this type of LaserDiscs to DVD. Addressing by “frames” (recalling individual frame numbers with frame accuracy), while it was possible in the LaserDisc format, is not possible in the DVD format. There is no direct DVD equivalent for an interactive LaserDisc.
  • We can transfer to DVD an interactive LaserDisc, and the still frames will still be viewable on the DVD (by using the “Pause” function, followed by “Next Frame”, etc.). The difference is that the automatic stop of the LaserDisc will not be preserved (DVD viewer will have to press “Pause”) and the frames can not be accessed by frame number (as DVDs can not go to a specified frame number).
  • For this type of transfer, we charge our “Hourly Studio Rate” (currently $115 per hour). On an average, cost is the total length of LaserDisc x 1.5 x Studio Rate. Example: a 1-hour Interactive LaserDisc takes 1.5 hours to produce and costs $172.50. Once we receive your LaserDisc and determine the length of the disc and complexity of the structure we will provide a detailed quote. Please read our LaserDisc transfers information page.