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"Thank you so much for your prompt and personal attention to my orders. They sound wonderful! I was especially impressed by the scratch sounds you were able to remove from the old 33 rpm and the loud on/off pops you removed from the tape recording. I'm just sorry you had to sift through the sounds of all those inane antics from my childhood! ..."

How do you change LaserDisc sides?

In order to keep the cost down, we use automated side changing. The screen goes black for a few seconds while the sides are changed. If this short pause is objectionable, it can be eliminated. Use the Option “Eliminate Pause Between Sides”. Select “Eliminate 1 pause” if you are submitting one LaserDisc. Please select “Eliminate 2 pauses” if you are submitting a two-disc set (providing that combined length of both LaserDiscs is less than 180 minutes). Please read our LaserDisc transfers information page.