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"I sent in a priceless recording of my deceased Father-in-law recorded on his ship in WWII. He was receiving a Bronze Star Medal for his heroic efforts on board. The old 78 recording had so much static you could not make out much of what was said. My husband will receive this BEAUTIFULLY restored recording as a surprise for his 1st Father's ..."

I am spending $60 to overnight my recordings to you. Will your processing time be less?

No. The only way for processing time to be less than our “normal” is to use one of our RUSH Service options. The vast majority of our customers who chose expensive couriers to ship their recordings to us do so because of increased security or convenience. We receive dozens of packages every day from a variety of couriers. All packages are opened and Admin Processed in the order in which they have been received. Our studio operations and processing are in no way determined by the courier that brought the box to our studios. A few clients told us that the “value of their shipment” would be diminished if processing still took 2-3 weeks. True, but the premium paid to a courier does not impact our bottom line. Please select the shipping method that best suits your budget, security and convenience.