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I compared prices on the Internet and in my home town. How come you are so cheap?

This question is usually asked by consumers who have done a lot of in-depth comparison shopping on the Internet and in their home town and know the going market prices for our services. Our restoration service was created (before most of the thousands of companies that copied us) with a goal: to make possible and affordable for the first time ever the conversion to CD of entire record collections, at prices that the average consumer can afford. We engineered our restoration system from the ground up with a dual goal: very high quality, and very high productivity. We purchased every piece of software on the market that could help us, we wrote our own software and developed proprietary methods and techniques (that are trade secrets). We ARE genuinely dedicated to the effort of Restoring America’s Heritage, one record at a time. . . Our service, for the first time ever, and after 20 years still going strong, makes that possible. We have been copied to the page and to the letter by companies that come and go. There is always someone trying to find out (covertly or overtly) “what is our secret”. One secret we don’t mind sharing is: total commitment to quality. The other secrets are proprietary information: our “edge” others can not copy.