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"Dear Dr Coban: I received the CD that you made from my very old (40+ years) tape of a live concert. I want to thank you for a superb job and an excellent recovery of what I thought was a lost cause. Thanks again"

I have a deadline and I REALLY need to receive my transfer in less than your “normal” processing time. Can you help me?

Yes. Please select one of our RUSH Services:

  • STANDARD Rush Service – 1 week check-in to check-out (Example: check-in at our studio on Tuesday, check-out the following week Tuesday)
  • EXPEDITED Rush Service – 72 hours check-in to check-out weekdays (Example: check-in at our studio Tuesday at 4:00 PM, check-out at 4:00 PM Friday)
  • EXTREME Rush Service (Saturday included) – 72 hours check-in to check-out including Saturdays (Example: check-in at our studio Wednesday at 10:00 AM, check-out at 10:00 AM Saturday)

Please note that for our RUSH Services the clock starts ticking when we check-in your order into our system, and stops ticking when we check-out your order out of our system.

Click here to read the complete Rush Services policy.

  • If you are ordering a rush service and you have a hard deadline we urge you to contact us before you ship your recordings to us in order to get our OK.
  • A good idea would be to mark RUSH on your box so we’ll see it right away and given it high priority once we receive it.