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"I was very impressed by the CD! The music sounded great even though it was recorded in the 60's. Now we can listen to the music on CD and enjoy the songs again. This is a good way to preserve the "old times". The price was very reasonable, too!"

I have an old (and small) 78 RPM disc of me singing a song. Can you work with something like this?


  • I have an old (and small) 78 RPM disc of me singing a song that my father recorded of me in about 1952 or 1953 on one of these old “cut your own” record machines that you’d pay a dollar or two, go inside a booth and record….whatever; this one having been located at National Airport in Washington, D.C. at the time. The disc is approximately 6″ in diameter, recorded on one side, and the length of the song was about 15-30 seconds if memory serves me correctly. The quality was never very good, and I’m sure that it’s diminished with age. Can you work with something like this, and if so can you give me some idea of price.


  • Yes, we processed many of these records in the past. It fits our Automat Recording Machine records (or “Home Made Records”) category. For complete information and pricing, please click here: Automat Recording Machine records.