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"What a job! I received my original lp and the "rejuvenated " CD today. I was well worth the wait. I can't believe the marvelous job you did in restoring this old LP to a new CD. I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that you could restore and repair this rendering in the manner that you did. I am totally satisfied. At present I don't have ..."

I have an old LP, it has severe scratching and frequent skips, some major ones in which the needle I am using can not even play and skips over the entire track. My question is are you able to fix problems like that?

If the record skips on your turntable, it will skip on our turntable. If the needle skips forward, the music skipped over can not be recovered. If the needle skips in place (repeats) we can push it lightly by hand. At that point it may skip over some music, and that can not be recovered. The scenario also involves editing out the repeats, which adds to the processing cost. As to cost, each intervention on our part (to stop the needle from repeating, push needle, then edit out repeats) will incur an “Individual Restoration Unit” (“IRU”). Even if we charge IRUs for fixing detected tracking errors, that does not guarantee that there are no discontinuities left in the recording (because the needle skipped FORWARD, over some music). Also, the “Transfer with Sound Restoration” price assumes that once we put the needle down the record will play correctly and we do not need to sit by the recording and listen to the entire recording at least twice. To listen to the entire recording (twice), detect and attempt to fix all flaws, we will have to apply our Studio Rate. In that case, the cost (depending on how much fixing needs to be done) may run in the range of $310 – $500 for a typical 40 minute album.