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"Dear Dr. Coban: Just got back to Rhode Island. Thanks to you and your staff the long 23 hour drive seemed shorter because I was able to spend some of those hours listening to "The Hi-Fi Nightingale." You did a terrific job restoring the voice and orchestration of this badly worn and abused 45 year old monophonic LP. I can now look forward to ..."

I have several tapes and minidiscs for transfer to CD but i’m not sure how many tracks are on each one. What is the best way around this?

It is not important for you to know the number of tracks. Simply place the order for the transfer of your choice.

  • If there is a clear pause between songs, we will cut 1 track for each song. We include in the base price of our transfers the first 18 tracks. If there will be more than 18 tracks per CD, we will process the correct “Extra Tracks over 18” charges.