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"thank you so much ,i have to say you do a very good job not only of putting out a very cd ,your customer service is the best .you have never failed to get back no matter what the problem is ,even if the question may not be the best ,so again i thank you for all and the way you do things"

I know you received my order today but it doesn’t show up in the Order Tracking System. Why?

The check-in phase is very important (we must log-in every item of every package) and very laborious. There may be a few hours delay between the time when we receive a package and the time when the Order Tracking System is updated. A package received late in the day may not post until the next day. Some days we get more orders at the same time than we can thoroughly check-in in one day. We Admin Process the orders in the order in which we received them. As soon as your package can be thoroughly inventoried it will be entered in the Order Tracking System.