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"My son found a rare 45 copy of a band I used to be in almost 50 years ago. He purchased it on Ebay. Somehow it had found a following in Europe. It did have a few scratches and pops but after the clean-up and audio restoration done by LP2CD I was amazed. We recorded that when 16 track analog tape recording was a big deal. The fidelity was ..."

I would like 500 CD’s made, I wrote the music. Can you do it?

Yes. We can produce up to 1,000 Extra CDs if you are the copyright owner, work is in public domain or it is a personal recording. The Extra CD Copy prices are on a sliding scale, with prices getting lower with quantity. More copies = lower price. Plus our generous Quantity Discounts! Double savings! Please see CD Duplication (Extra CDs With or Without Cover).