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"I just recently had two albums that I had from the 70's transferred to CD. They were two that my wife and I had listened to a lot back then, and I had not been able to track them down in CD format anywhere. They turned out great and brought back lots of memories; and the turn-around time was also quite fast. Thanks for everything! "

Is there any difference in quality of the CD copies if you make them or I make them on my computer?

We do not put any copy protection on the CD’s, so in theory you should be able to make copies OK. The difference is that we run the “extra copies” directly from the computer files (in fact, they are “masters”, not “copies”). At home, you will indeed make “copies”, using the CD as a master. Any imperfections caused by the copying process will be present in your CD copies. Additionally, we “slow burn” the audio CD’s and use equipment optimized for producing audio CD’s (for maximum compatibility and quality).