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Is this legal?

Yes, most definitely. Making a copy of a copyrighted sound recording is legal as long both of the following two conditions are met:

  1. You own the original LP or recording and
  2. You will keep the CD transfer for your own use.
  • If you are the copyright holder or the work is in the public domain there are no restrictions.
  • It is our policy to perform restorations and transfers in one copy only. For multiple copies we require that the work be in public domain or proof of copyright.
  • Please also notice that these prices are ONLY for consumers and the CD’s ordered on the LP2CD site are to be used only for personal and non-commercial use.

CVC Productions specifically prohibits the use of our consumer restoration and remastering service for the purpose of duplicating, distribution or re-distribution, publishing, broadcasting, netcasting or any other form of digital or analog copying and/or distribution. We monitor and enforce compliance. For professional restoration and CD mastering services, please contact CVC Productions using the Contact Us page.