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"I am very pleased with the overall results of all three transfers. The "Hall of Presidents" and "Country Bear Jamboree" transfers were outstanding, with almost no hiss or pop. The "Tiki Room/Jungle Cruise" soundtrack had some minor hissing in the first couple of tracks, but side 2 was superlative. Given that that album was over thirty years ..."


Device for automatically limiting the volume during program peaks so as to prevent accidental overmodulation of a transmitter or overloading of other equipment. (As the volume applied to the input of the limiter increases, the volume at the output increases linearly up to a certain critical point, after which a further increase in input volume produces a much smaller increase in output volume. When the applied volume exceeds the critical value, the device necessarily introduces amplitude distortion, but ought not to introduce excessive non-linear distortion.) Unlike the compressor, there is no slope or gradual attenuation in a limiter. A somewhat higher recording level can therefore be used without fear of a peak overloading the tape. Limiters and compressors are often used together. Generally, a limiter is a compressor with a compression ratio of 10:1 or greater.