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"You did a good job. Our low quality 8" reel to reel have been turned into fine CDs. Thanks! I checked all resources in our area and couldn't find anyone able to do this. It was worth the risk of putting our reels in the mail. You were prompt and the work is excellent."

Master disc

Lacquer-coated aluminium disc 14 inches in diameter for a 12 inch record and 10 inches for a 7 inch. When completed, the lacquer disc is coated with silver to make it conductive for electroplating with nickel. This is done in two stages: a slow, precise coating to plate the grooves with 1 mil of nickel, followed by a faster build-up of 20- 30 mils. The nickel is then parted from the lacquer to form a negative metal master disc having ridges in place of grooves. Although this could be used to stamp out the final pressings, it is much too fragile. The next phase is to produce the mothers.