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"We just wanted to send a great big thank-you for the GREAT job you did on our transfer. My husband loved this particular Christmas album and it is not available in any other format. The job you did transferring it to a CD is amazing. The sound clarity is more than we could have hoped for in a transfer. We will sure look to you for other jobs in ..."

Pickup cartridge, ceramic

Two slices ofpiezo-electric materials such as barium titinate or lead zirconate titinate are set at angles, and stressed by stylus movement so producing a voltage. Output is proportional to the amplitude rather than velocity of the recording signal and is thus the approximate inverse of the RIAA recording characteristic. No equalisation is therefore required. A load of not less than 1 M~ is needed, lower values causing loss of bass. If used into a magnetic input socket with a 47 kOhm load, the RIAA equalisation will roughly compensate for the bass loss.