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"SIR! I had several treasured lp's and laser disks transferred to cd and dvd by your company. I just finished listening and viewing my material and found the archival of these recordings to be AWESOME!!! I was absolutely blown away by the superb quality and richness of material I hold dear to me. I am especially appreciative of the personal ..."

Pickup cartridge, ceramic

Two slices ofpiezo-electric materials such as barium titinate or lead zirconate titinate are set at angles, and stressed by stylus movement so producing a voltage. Output is proportional to the amplitude rather than velocity of the recording signal and is thus the approximate inverse of the RIAA recording characteristic. No equalisation is therefore required. A load of not less than 1 M~ is needed, lower values causing loss of bass. If used into a magnetic input socket with a 47 kOhm load, the RIAA equalisation will roughly compensate for the bass loss.