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"Cristian:The CD arrived in perfect condition on Friday of last week.The package itself was in remarkable condition considering it came via mail.Canada Post usually doesn't give a rats ass on what the package resembles when we receive it.When I sent the 8-Track tape,I wasn't sure if it was possible to repair and restore it let alone copy it to a ..."

The surface of my home-made-record has many small cracks (or other defects). Is this something you could restore?

It is not possible to estimate if a record will play based on a description, a picture, or even holding the record in our hands. The only way to know if the needle will track is by playing it.
There are many records that look really bad but we are able to make them play. Other records look good but have hidden defects that make them non-playable or barely-playable.
Of course, records that look completely shot (such as warped, cracked, peeling, etc.) are probably shot.
If the record does not appear completely shot, we suggest placing an order and sending the record(s) over.
If we determine after attempting playback that the record is shot, we charge a “Recording Fee” plus return postage and return record unprocessed.
If the record somewhat plays (with difficulty), we charge a “Recording Fee” (possibly a “Restoration Unit” if more restoration work than average is needed), and process as is.
If the record plays without difficulty, we process at regular charge.