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"March 2016 I sent a 8" audio disc recording made in 1942 of my husband singing the Hansel part from Hansel and Gretel in his high school production at age 13. The homemade recording had deteriorated with scratches and extensive surface damage which made it impossible to play. But CVC was able to transfer it to CDs and capture listenable ..."

What exact equipment (hardware and software) do you use for audio transfer and restoration?

We understand that some customers would like to know exact specifics about the equipment we use. As we all know, for many technical people “talking equipment” is akin to talking “religion” or “politics”: not a way to make friends. In addition, many competing services (who copy anything they can copy from other successful businesses) would like very much to copy our success. In that respect, we do not like to share… There is ample information on our web site about our process (see How We Perform Magic). As to exact equipment list and studio configuration, it has been our company policy for over 20 years to keep them as proprietary information. This has always worked very well for us. Our thousands of customers (many of which are repeat customers) find that the quality of our services fits very well their needs.