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"At long last! One of my favorite LPs from my misspent youth has now been memorialized on CD, where I will proudly add it to my collection! The sound quality is excellent. Thanks for taking the time to produce such a quality product--and for taking such good care of my old LP. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends. As I said, ..."

What if I am not happy with the CD/DVD received?

We have many redundant levels of checks throughout all processing phases to make sure that 100% of what leaves our studio was processed 100% correctly, in accordance with our published criteria. The possibility of “human” or “machine” error is there, but it is EXTREMELY unlikely that a CD or DVD we shipped contains a processing error. We receive an extremely small number of “not happy” inquiries. Most (if not all) of these inquiries turn out to be not a mistake on our part, but a misunderstanding on the part of the client, which is quickly and professionally cleared out. Should a client feel “not happy”, we welcome an email of inquiry. We take such inquiries VERY seriously, check to see if we made a mistake and promptly respond. Unfortunately, our society is increasingly populated by rude or power hungry individuals, who forgot what their parents and teachers taught them. Their “not happy’ inquiries are rude, vile and permeated with threats. Nobody working at our company has signed on to being verbally abused, insulted or threatened by people with no breeding. Our policy for dealing with such abuse is “zero tolerance” for abusive or threatening language or behavior. We will send one polite email reply, review the facts and address the issue. We will invite any further contact to be conducted in a civilized manner. Should the abuse continue, we will stop any further support or contact and refer such individuals to appropriate professional, legal or law enforcement authorities. This is a condition of the sale and of after-sale support. Persons not agreeing to this policy are asked to please NOT order from us. This includes those who have a notion that they may place an order with us and can subsequently “enhance” their order or “not pay” for our work though various forms of abuse or intimidation.