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"I wanted to get these old reel-to-reel tapes transfered before they deteriorated. Your company did a great job at preserving some of our family memories. My parents were very happy when I presented them with the CD's of the old recordings. After all these years, I get to hear my Dad when he was in Vietnam. This stuff is priceless. Thanks."

What if I had a recording that was not very distinct. Could you clean it up and capture some of the words/sounds?

The degree to which such recording can be cleaned up “and capture some of the words/sounds” can not be predicted, based on a generic description. It all depends on how much information is actually recorded. If the audio information is simply NOT there, no matter how many filters are applied, the end result will not be much better than the starting point. On the other hand, if the audio information is there, but is is “masked” by a continuous noise (or sound), reducing the masking noise may improve intelligibility. Only by working on the recording, and trying “this and that”, “and a bit more of this and that” we can see what happens.