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"I just posted your company’s name in a blog about Robert Rheims’ Merry Christmas in Carols. Seems the Rheims family won’t allow a production of the album onto CD. Indirectly I pointed folks to you if they have a nice copy of the album. Your work on that record for me is just amazing. Thanks again so much."

What quality of turntable and (moving coil) cartridge do you use?

We use top quality equipment for the entire playback and recording chain.
Due to the success of our business and the fact that many others would like to copy it, the exact composition of our equipment and techniques are proprietary information that we are not able to disclose.
Because of the quality of our service (including equipment and techniques) our clients worldwide are extremely satisfied, as can be seen from the multitude of testimonials we receive every day (please see our TESTIMONIALS page)