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"Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I recently used your service. I am SO happy with the results. I wasn't sure on the noise reduction so I had you do a transfer with 2 different types of noise reduction. Your noise reduction philosophy was perfect! It got rid of most scratch noises while preserving the highs and lows of the sounds of the ..."

What quality of turntable and (moving coil) cartridge do you use?

We use top quality equipment for the entire playback and recording chain.
Due to the success of our business and the fact that many others would like to copy it, the exact composition of our equipment and techniques are proprietary information that we are not able to disclose.
Because of the quality of our service (including equipment and techniques) our clients worldwide are extremely satisfied, as can be seen from the multitude of testimonials we receive every day (please see our TESTIMONIALS page)