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"Thank you for the great job on transfering the old reel-to-reels of the family to CD. You were able to remove all the static and hum, as well as, capturing a piece of home made music that I had missed in my script. The tapes were over 40 years old and the family was very touched to hear the voices of long passed parents and themselves as small ..."

What should I choose: Transfer Only or Restoration?

Please do not ask us to make that determination. It is a personal and subjective decision which is up to you based upon your requirements and your taste. We do not offer advice (this type of advice is time consuming, not included in the cost of the transfer and may be perceived as a conflict of interest if we recommend Restoration). Also, we do not want to assume responsibility that we have made the wrong recommendation. That is exactly why we are offering an option for ordering BOTH versions (Transfer Only AND Transfer with Sound Restoration). When in doubt, order BOTH versions.