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LaserDisc transfers information

  • Turning sides (from LaserDisc side A to side B)
    • In order to keep the cost down, we use automated side changing. The screen goes black for a few seconds while the sides are changed. If this short pause is objectionable, it can be eliminated. Use the Option "Eliminate Pause Between Sides". Select "Eliminate 1 pause" if you are submitting one LaserDisc. Please select "Eliminate 2 pauses" if you are submitting a two-disc set (providing that combined length of both LaserDiscs is less than 180 minutes).
  • Karaoke LaserDiscs, LaserDiscs with alternate sound tracks
    • If the LaserDisc has soundtracks with different material (such as: one track full soundtrack, one track no vocals, or one track regular soundtrack, one track commentary) we perform a separate DVD transfer (and produce a separate DVD) for each soundtrack. If you want only ONE audio track, please mention which audio track to use in the Additional Information box at checkout. If you want TWO audio tracks, please select 2 transfers (and mention which audio tracks to use).
  • Still Frame LaserDiscs and Interactive LaserDiscs
    • Regular LaserDisc transfer prices are for LaserDiscs that play continuously (without operator intervention) from beginning to end (such as Movies or Music Videos). Still Frame and Interactive LaserDiscs require operator intervention for each chapter stop (LaserDisc playback stops) or prompt (LaserDisc playback stops and requires operator intervention). There is no "automated" way of converting this type of LaserDiscs to DVD. Addressing by "frames" (recalling individual frame numbers with frame accuracy), while it was possible in the LaserDisc format, is not possible in the DVD format. There is no direct DVD equivalent for an interactive LaserDisc.
    • We can transfer to DVD an interactive LaserDisc. The forced stops of the LaserDiscs will transfer to the DVD as an aprox. 5 second still frame. The still frames will be viewable on the DVD (by using the "Pause" function of your rempte, followed by "Next Frame", etc.). The difference is that the automatic stop of the LaserDisc will not be preserved (DVD viewer will have to press "Pause") and the frames can not be accessed by frame number (as DVDs can not go to a specified frame number).
    • For this type of transfer, we charge our "Hourly Studio Rate" (currently $115 per hour). On an average, cost is the total length of DVD transfer x 1.5 x Studio Rate. Example: a 1-hour Interactive LaserDisc takes 1.5 hours to produce and costs $172.50. Once we receive your LaserDisc, if we are able to anticipate the playing length of the disc and the number of forced stops, we will project a price range for your project. In many cases the playing length of the LaserDisc and/or the number of forced stops can not be estimated with precision. At any rate, the final cost is determined by the actual length of the DVD transfer (may differ from projected price range). 
  • LaserDisc quality
    • LaserDiscs are capable of beautiful quality picture and sound, at the high end of what is possible to achieve in Analog Standard Definition. The fact that LaserDiscs are capable of producing high quality picture does not mean that all LaserDiscs are of high quality. There are many factors that determine the quality: quality of original film or video, quality of Telecine (Motion Picture transfer to video), quality of mastering, quality of manufacturing and pressing, quality of individual LaserDisc, quality of storage and previous handling of disc, etc. Please also do an Internet search and read about "Laser Rot". Just as we are not responsible for the quality of a VHS tape submitted for transfer, we are not responsible for the quality of a LaserDisc. Just as a VHS tape may exhibit tracking problems, a LaserDisc (optical storage medium) is subject to tracking errors. A DVD may play without a skip in one machine but skip in another machine (we've all had that experience), a LaserDisc can do the same. We do not guarantee the submitted quality of a LaserDisc and we do not guarantee 100% flawless playback. Our machines are prefectly calibrated and play perfectly well (with beautiful picture and sound) perfect LaserDiscs. Not all LaserDiscs are prefect, however.

Please click one of the lengths below:

LaserDisc sets  longer than 180 minutes (3 hours)
In order to preserve video quality, maximum length per DVD conversion is 180 minutes. 
LaserDisc sets longer than 180 minutes will be charged as two conversions of appropriate length. 
Example: A 210 minute (3.5-hour) LaserDisc set will be converted on 2 DVDs (and charged appropriately).

I don't know the length of my LaserDisc (or set of LaserDiscs)

This is not a problem. Make your selection based on a reasonable guess. When we get your LaserDiscs at our studio we will determine the exact length and charge the correct amount based on our current prices. Even if you picked the wrong length, the DVD will be made for the correct length and will be priced correctly. We will transfer (and charge) for the actual length of the LaserDiscs. If the LaserDisc is longer than you selected, we will convert (and charge) for the entire LaserDisc.

Based on your reasonable estimate, please click one of the lengths above.