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How We Perform Magic

There are many steps involved in restoring and transferring a recording to CD:

  • Each incoming order is inventoried, added to the Order Tracking System, routed to the appropriate process and queued for studio time.
  • Each record is thoroughly cleaned. We try to get the dust and dirt out from inside the grooves. We do not use harsh substances that can damage the chemical balance of the record.
  • The best playback equipment and adjustments are determined for each individual record. The records are then played and digitized (recorded in digital format). We use only audiophile-grade equipment and cables.
  • Each digital recording is analyzed by an experienced sound engineer. Since this critical phase of the restoration process requires a great deal of experience, it is performed at our CVC Productions studios by Cristian Coban, Ph.D. Dr. Coban has over 22 years recording studio experience, holds the terminal degree in music, and has received many awards and recognition for his work.
  • Each recording is restored individually, considering many factors, such as the physical condition of the record, the sound of the record, the type of material that is recorded, and many other elements.
  • The recording is processed by powerful computers. We use only the most advanced techniques (the same ones utilized in professional restoration projects), as well as our own proprietary methods and techniques. Even with powerful computers processing can take much longer than the actual recording.
  • The restored recording is checked by the sound engineer. He listens for how effective the restoration process has been. If needed, the recording is further processed.
  • While the recording is processed by computers the cover art is scanned and prepared and the CD label is printed.
  • Before the recording can be put on a CD it must be mastered for CD. This is the same process that is billed at a much higher rate for the production of commercial CD releases.
  • The CD master goes on to the CD-R recording station. The CD is created and labeled. For orders that include a color CD cover, the color cover is added to the jewel-case.
  • The CD (and the order) is then quality checked.
  • Each outgoing order is inventoried again, updated on the Order Tracking System, carefully packed and ready to ship back to the customer.
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