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"I found a 78 record in a box of old stuff that said it was recorded in 1950 and was a recording my my sister when she was 4 years old singing Jingle Bells to Santa. I had no idea if the record was any good, but I took a chance and sent it in to have it transferred to a CD. I am so thrilled with the result! It was worth every penny. The CD is ..."

About SAFETY - A Message from CVC Productions President, Dr. Cristian Coban

Dear visitor,

The quality of the restoration and transfer is important, but one item of great concern for you as you read this is the safety of your recordings. You may have questions about how the records will travel and how they will be treated at our studios. With good packing (we recommend using a pack-and-ship service) your records will make the round trip unharmed. I am a record collector myself and I acquired much of my collection by mail. I never had to return a record because it was damaged in transit. As a record collector, I am VERY particular when it comes to handling records. We treat our clients' records with extraordinary care: the surface of the record is never touched by hand, the dust is extracted from the grooves before play (no harsh chemicals are used), we only use premium needles in new condition (the needles are cleaned and treated before each play), we use the minimum weight that will give good playback and tracking, we only use the cue lever when lowering the stylus (no lowering by hand), we play the records only one time (no repeated plays, no partial plays). Please rest assured that your records will be treated with utmost respect and care while at our studios. Your original recordings will be returned to you in the same condition in which we received them. Also, we will keep you informed as to the progress of your order with our own LP2CD Order Tracking System. Our system will send you an email when we receive your recordings and have checked them in and another email when we are shipping back the order, including tracking information.

Looking forward to working on your project.

Thanks and best wishes.

Cristian Coban, Ph.D.
CVC Productions
LP2CD Division