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"I received my order of album to CD transfers yesterday. They sound wonderful and I am thrilled. They were beloved albums produced in the early 70's that are not commercially available on CD's. I had them done as a surprise for my husband's upcoming birthday. I can't wait for the "celebration". Thank you for your care and expertise. USPS ..."


  • Your transfer or restoration projects in MP3 format, for easy loading into MP3 players and computers.
  • If you order "MP3 CD" you will receive both a regular Audio CD for your master transfer and an MP3 CD. If you are ordering multiple transfers and "MP3 CD", all MP3 files will be put on one MP3 CD.
  • If you order "MP3 file download ONLY no CD is produced" you will NOT receive an audio CD or an MP3 CD.  The MP3 files will be made available for you to download.  If you select this option, you save the cost of producing and returning CDs.  PLEASE NOTE that the download option is ONLY AVAILABLE if you DO NOT order a physical Audio CD (or Extra CD Copies) and if you DO NOT order CD Covers.  If you order one or several physical Audio CDs (with or without covers), we will also produce a physical MP3 CD at listed price.
  • We perform MP3 compression with licensed professional algorithms that provide outstanding quality. These algorithms are not available in consumer (or free) conversion programs. That's why it is a good idea to get your MP3 files from us.



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