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"I enjoyed the CD. The music sounded so crisp and alive. The 78 that was really warped, you could hardly tell on the CD. Thanks for the quality, I have heard some of these songs on MCA releases and the job that you have done has surpasses the major studios. The surface noise was minimal. Thank you."

Number SONGS submitted for transfer and restoration

For this type of Transfer and Restoration, pricing is PER SONG (not per record).

  • Simply count the number of SONGS you want transferred and select the corresponding price.
    • Question: Do I count the number of songs I want transferred?
      • Answer: Yes.
    • Question: Do I count the number of records I want transferred?
      • Answer: No. You count the number of songs you want transferred.
  • If you would like the SONGS recorded in a specific order, please enclose a written list (artist/song title) of the songs (sides) of your compilation. 
    • Alternatively, you may use a marker (or "post-it" notes or stickers) to clearly mark the songs (sides) you want recorded.  




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