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"I was completely blown away by the quality of the work you performed on these very old (70+ years), home-made 78rpm records. I had not tried to even play the records for decades because the last time I tried it was impossible to hear much of anything but the scratches. I realize that a couple of them were not able to be fully restored - that ..."

Number WIRE RECORDINGS submitted for transfer and restoration

For this type of Transfer and Restoration, pricing is PER WIRE RECORDING.

  • Simply count the number of WIRE RECORDINGS you want transferred and select the corresponding price.


  • XQ (Extreme Quality) Service: A Premium service recommended for getting the most out of your original material. 
    • This service opens access to our premium equipment: Premium electronics and premium interconnects.
    • Each recording receives more individual Sound Engineer time.



      • We only accept wires compatible with the "Webster Chicago" system (approx. 2.25 inch hub diameter and 2.75 inch outside diameter). If the spool has these dimensions, the wire is compatible regardless of the brand name printed on the reel. Please do not submit wires that are encapsulated in a shell or have spools of other dimensions.
      • Please do not send in wires that are tangled up or wires that appear to be in bad shape.
      • Please open the wire box and make sure that the wire has one clear beginning. If you can not find one clear beginning of the wire (or the spool has several beginnings) we will not be able to record the wire.
      • Please do not send in wires that are not properly spooled. A wire needs to be properly spooled by the machine in order to be playable. If a wire was spooled by hand, it will not be playable.




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