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Recordings Preservation Tips

What type of medium do you want to preserve?


Don't let your old recordings gather (or turn to) dust!!

Some of us may not be old enough to remember reel-to-reels or 78 RPM records when they were popular, but we know how important it is to preserve the classics. Today's culture tends to ignore history, especially when it comes to preservation of the arts. 

As a music lover, we would like to help you maintain your record collection. By preserving and even archiving your old records, tapes and reels you will be able to cherish your memories forever. For this to be possible, however, you need to take good care of your music. Records are easily scratched, tape can break, and all need special care as far as storage.

If you want to restore your music, there are companies that will take your old recordings and restore the sound, get rid of hiss, etc. as well as put the recordings onto Compact Disc for permanent preservation. This process is recommended for anyone serious about archiving, restoring and backing up older recordings.

Imagine being able to pop in your CD player your 78's from 1940 and be mesmerized by La Traviata, or suddenly hear your Grandfather's voice loud and clear on newly restored war letter records. Sometimes we stuff our attics with lost treasures that can now be brought back to life with digital technology

We hope you will find plenty of useful information on this site. Each page features an example of Audio Restoration performed by The examples are presented both in MP3 and RealAudio. We would this site to be even more useful to our visitors, so if you have any questions or requests please don't hesitate to write us at or call 407-292-1151.