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"Thank you so much for the quality product you provided in return. The 8-track to CD conversion provides a living memory of family sing-a-longs from a 1977 family reunion. Some of the family members that were recorded on the tape have passed and it was a real emotional moment for their living family members to hear their great-grandparent, ..."


Audio Transfers to CD RAW Audio Transfers Video Transfers to DVD
CD and DVD Duplication (audio digitizing service) Quadraphonic (Quad) Conversions
Pricing depends on the original format and quantity ordered. Click on a format below for pricing information. If you do not know your format, you can read our guide here.    

LP2CD Regular Audio Transfers

Disc formats: 

Tape formats:

Other formats:

QUADRAPHONIC (Quad) Records, Reel-to-reel Tapes and 8-Track Tapes Conversions

Quadraphonic recordings (four discrete audio channels) represented the highest and most advanced form of spacial audio fidelity of the 1970s.  In fact, quadraphonic recordings were decades ahead of their time.  Due to complicated setups and expensive equipment most people resisted adopting the technology and it all folded.  Too bad it died (and did not produce more recordings), as today, 40 years later, multi-track audio reproduction is the standard.  The Quad recordings produced in the 70s are absolutely amazing!  The lucky few who still have in their collection (or can still get their hands on) Quadraphonic recordings are now able to use our service to play Quad recordings in their full 70s glory!  It you see that your LP, reel-to-reel or 8-track tape is marked QUADRAPHONIC or QUAD it is entirely worthwhile to get the quad recording transferred to CD as a Quadraphonic Conversion.  Please note that in order to enjoy our Quad CDs you need to have playback equipment capable of playing DTS or DOLBY DIGITAL recordings.  This is most commonly found in Home Theatre setups.  (Please do not order a Quadraphonic Conversion if you will play the CD on a boombox, as it will not work).  It was known as "The greatest sensation of the music world!" - "4 Channel Dimensional Stereo". One final thought: the Quadraphonic technology is exactly the same vintage as the Voyager spacecrafts.  Just as the Voyagers, after performing brilliantly for four decades, are sadly approaching "end of life", our equipment and this service will not last forever.  It is almost impossible to re-acquire, so when it dies this service will forever disappear.  So if you are reading this and have Quadraphonic recordings, best to get it done now.

Video Transfers to DVD or HEVC H.265 MKV file on USB stick

Video Enhancement Restoration Upscale to 4K UHD service

Our state-of-the art Video Restoration system that brings new life to old and tired Standard Resolution videos (home movies, family recorded events, films/movies and television shows) and brings them into the world of 4K UHD. 
You may order a Video Enhancement/Restoration/Upscale to 4K UHD for the following formats:

RAW Video Transfers to Uncompressed - standard definition video digitizing service

Using broadcast equipment, your Standard Definition video (in any of the formats we support) is digitized at an incredible 358 Mb/sec. Our broadcast equipment will add stability and full color rendering (each red, green, and blue color component is 10 bits wide) to your video, not a drop of the original video/audio quality will be lost. The raw video file we produce is provided in a format used in TV & film production and can be imported in professional video editing systems for further mastering.

RAW Audio Transfers (24/96 transfers  and 16/44 transfers) - digitizing service

Raw Transfers are (unedited) audio data files of your recordings, digitized at 24 bits / 96 khz (or 16/44 if you prefer) using the best available playback equipment and A/D converters. The Raw Transfers option is used by studios and audio "do-it-yourselfers". If you are reading this and are not familiar with the terminology, it will be wiser not to select this option.

CD and DVD Duplication

Your CD or DVD transfer project in 1 to 1,000 copies (must be the copyright owner, work in public domain or personal recording)