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"I just wanted to let you know how INCREDIBLY happy I was with my recent order, including 4 reel-to-reel to CD and 3 LP to CD transfers. These reel-to-reel and LP originals were VERY OLD and of a quality I actually thought would be "unrestorable". I work in the "audio business" and would have made these transfers myself, but I no longer own any ..."

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PLEASE READ: Important Scheduling Notice

At this time we are booked with work commitments until August 20, 2022. You may continue placing your order now, for processing after August 20, 2022. Please DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER at this time if it must be processed BEFORE August 20, 2022. Our typical quoted turnaround times will NOT apply before September 1, 2022,  but will return as soon as possible in September. Your credit card payment will be processed (or check deposited) at the time when the order is actually processed.

If you wonder "Is it worth submitting an order now and waiting for processing?", most of our customers would reply: "YES, it is worth it".  We have hundreds of loyal customers who would not think of sending their work to anyone else but to us and they think that the wait is indeed worthwhile.  In addition, submitting your order now, early "in line", will ensure much quicker processing when processing reopens.

Should you place an order now, please remember: our Receiving Department will accept and date-stamp packages received for processing in order in which they are received. The packages WILL NOT be entered into our Order Tracking System until after August 20, 2022 (please do not panic if you do not see your order in the Order Tracking System or are informed by your shipper that your package is being held for delivery). Please note that email inquiries received before August 20, 2022 will be answered after August 20, 2022. Phone support is not available now but will resume when order procesing resumes.


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