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Quantity Discounts - Wholesale Pricing available to all customers!

We offer the largest quantity discounts in the industry!

  • Spend $165.00-$549.99, save 6%
  • Spend  $550.00-$1,099.99,  save  12%
  • Spend  $1,100.00-$2,749.99,  save  17%
  • Spend  $2,750.00-$5,499.99,  save  21%
  • Spend  $5,500.00 and up,  save  24%
These prices apply to the total amount of the order, regardless of what formats or services were ordered (including CD and DVD Extra Copies and Duplication).
  • Combine several Audio formats (transfer LPs + cassettes + 78rpms)
  • Order Audio transfers and Video transfers at the same time
  • Add Extra CDs and Extra DVDs (CD and DVD duplication) to your order, everything gets discounted
  • Transfer your entire collection using our high quality service at a significant discount
  • Collect recordings from several family or community members and get a lower per-transfer price for all
  • Make a profit: place a quantity order and resell at single item transfer price


Please see our low prices.