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Quantity Discounts - Wholesale Pricing available to all customers!

We offer the largest quantity discounts in the industry!

  • Spend $100 to $249.99, save 6%
  • Spend  $250 to $499.99,  save  12%
  • Spend  $500 to $999.99,  save  17%
  • Spend  $1,000 to $1,499.99,  save  22%
  • Spend  $1,500 and up,  save  27%
These prices apply to the total amount of the order, regardless of what formats or services were ordered (including CD and DVD Extra Copies and Duplication).
  • Combine several Audio formats (transfer LPs + cassettes + 78rpms)
  • Order Audio transfers and Video transfers at the same time
  • Add Extra CDs and Extra DVDs (CD and DVD duplication) to your order, everything gets discounted
  • Transfer your entire collection using our high quality service at a significant discount
  • Collect recordings from several family or community members and get a lower per-transfer price for all
  • Make a profit: place a quantity order and resell at single item transfer price


Please see our low prices.

Customer Testimonials
"I received my recent cd conversion order today and it is just perfect! It sounds beautiful. Thanks for doing a good job!"