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"Thank you for the nice CDs; they will be preserved for years in my granddaughter's cedar chest that I just bought for her. Too bad she will never know her granddad but she WILL hear his voice! (Mine also - when I could sing!) Thank you!"

Recording Fee

We always ask our customers to please not send in audio or video recordings that are damaged (such as warped records, audio records or video tapes with severe tracking problems, etc.). Occasionally this is unavoidable and we receive recordings in bad shape.

  • If a record is warped or an audio or video recording (of any format) has any form of tracking or playback problems we need to spend considerably more time on the recording portion of the project. Consequently, we will charge one Recording Fee (extreme cases may require several Recording Fees) per video or audio recording issue or incident in order to be able to achieve acceptable playback (please note that acceptable is not synonymous with perfect, as we may never achieve perfect playback). 




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