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"Hi Cristian - I finally got a chance to listen to the CD. It's absolutely priceless! The segment with me and my sister was definitely from 1965 and is especially meaningful because our Dad passed away two years later and neither one of us are able to remember his voice because we were so young when it happened. Everyone in the family will ..."

Redeem test/proof video previously ordered

Redeeming is reserved for customers who have previously ordered a 5-minute test video (proof video) for this project (this title).
  • If you have not previously ordered the 5-minute proof (test video), there is nothing to redeem. Please do not order.
  • If you ordered multiple proofs, you may redeem credit for one proof, the first proof you ordered.
  • If you ordered proofs for other projects, please be aware that you may only redeem a test video (proof video) that you have ordered specifically for this video project (you may not redeem on this project for other video projects).

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