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"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work that you did on the 5 home-recorded 78 records that I sent you. These were made by my Grandfather in the late 1940's and 1950's. No one in the family had heard them in almost 50 years. They varied in what shape they were in, and we really thought that they would not be playable after so many years. ..."

Transfers to CD - transfer types

  • Transfer Only: The CD will sound EXACTLY like the original source. No noise reduction applied.
  • Transfer with Sound Restoration: The CD will sound BETTER than the original source. A variety of noises are reduced or eliminated.
  • Both Versions: Transfer with Sound Restoration and the unchanged Transfer Only version. Each version comes on a separate CD. 
    • Scenario #1: You are afraid that if you get Sound Restoration, you might miss the "original sound" of the recording.  You are also afraid that if you don't get Sound Restoration the CD may be too noisy. What to do? Get Both Versions.
    • Scenario #2: You want a CD with Sound Restoration, but would like to archive a "Transfer Only" version in order to preserve the present sound of the recording, so you get Both Versions.
  • Thrifty Transfer: A "no frills" transfer. Same legendary LP2CD sound minus some features you may not need, at a lower price.
    • CD will play as one track (no cutting into tracks for each song).
    • CD is not printed and it comes in a paper sleeve, inside the original record jacket. You may use a felt tip marker to write a title on the CD.
    • Everything else (including our legendary sound quality) is equal to the "Transfer Only" described above.
  • Forensic Restoration: Any poor quality material submitted for the purpose of boosting volume and improving intelligibility.
    • We will use forensic tools to reduce ambient noise, raise conversation levels, reduce frequencies that hold little information while boosting other frequencies, and more.
    • Intelligibility is a complex and subjective matter. Expectations should be directly proportional with quality of the material submitted: the lower the quality, the lower the expectations. Movies portray forensic feats inaccurately...
    • Improving intelligibility of a poor recording is a gamble: intelligibility may significantly or marginally be improved.  We, as professionals, will tilt the odds in favor of "quality". However, we do not participate in the gamble, we do not make any representations or provide warranties. Forensic Restorations are "final".



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