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12inch Singles Transfers to CD


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Price: $34.87
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In addition to 12-inch singles, we accept under this category and pricing:

  • 45 rpm Extended Play (EP) records;
  • Small (7-inch) 33 1/3 rpm records (they are the sime size as a typical 45rpm, but play at 33 1/3 rpm);
  • Dubplates ("dubplate specials": reggae, dancehall, dubstep, drum and bass, soca, chutney, hip hop, etc. - dubplates can be 7, 10 or 12 inches in diameter and are usually issued in small quantities, for DJ or band use).

IMPORTANT: A CD holds maximum 80 minutes, which is the maximum duration processed as "One Project". If you submit short records, it is very possible that they will all fit on one 80-minute CD. If you submit long records, we will put as many records as will fit on one 80-minute CD as one "Project". Remaining records will be processed and charged as a separate "Project" (or "Projects"). Example: Twelve 12-inch records, at 6 minutes each (total 72 minutes) will fit on one CD (one "Project"). Twelve 12-inch records at 40 minutes each (total 480 minutes) will fit on 6 CDs, and will be processed and charged as 6 "Projects".

12 Inch Singles, 45 RPM Extended Play (EP) Records and Dubplates to CD Transfers - What you get for your $:

  • Each record is cleaned in a professional record cleaning machine prior to playback.
  • The needle is deep cleaned and conditioned before each play.
  • The record is wiped again before playing each side.
  • Playback and recording on professional equipment (each of our interconnect cables costs more than the average discounter's studio...).
  • Sound Restoration is applied if selected (one sound restoration setting for entire CD, Individual Restoration Units for restoring songs individually avaialbe as an Option).
  • An MP3 CD of this project (if selected).
  • Each 12-Inch record song gets 1 track.  Our CDs are cut into tracks by human beings who know where a new track should begin.  We do not use automatic cutting into tracks.
  • CD is printed (we do not use glued-on labels).
  • CD is quality checked.
  • CD is delivered in "classic jewel-case" (with optional Color CD Cover and Track List).
  • Over 22 years experience - 19,000 successful projects.
  • On-line tracking system.
  • Automatic email notifications on receipt of your recordings and order check-out.
  • Optional RUSH Services: 1 week or 72 hours turnaround time
  • We can transfer the entire 12-inch (or Extended Play) record to CD, or selected tracks (compilation). The price will be the same (per record).
  • Compilation of selected tracks: all songs must be selected in sequence. When we are done with a side (or a record), we put it aside (we do not return to same side for another song). If your compilation must skip back-and-forth, select one Skip Back for each time we come back to a side (or record).
  • A CD holds maximum 80 minutes.  If all 12 Inch records (or songs) you submit will fit on one CD, we will make one CD. Otherwise, we will make a set of two (or three) CDs. In that case, for Extra CD Copies you will need two (or three) Extra CD Copies per set.