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"I just received my albums back and they are wonderful!!!!!! Music has always been a big part of our family life (especially the "Zither Hits" - it was played every night at dinner time...) - these recordings will be the best thing under the Christmas tree this year! Thank you so much for taking the extra time to clean up the recordings - ..."

Cassette Transfer to CD (61-80 minutes)


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Price: $45.71
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Cassette and Micro-Cassette to CD Transfers - What you get for your $:

  • The cassette player heads and tape guides are cleaned before each play.
  • Playback and recording on professional equipment.
    • Each of our interconnect cables costs more than the average discounter's studio.
  • Sound Restoration is applied if selected.
    • No Sound Restoration for Thrifty Transfers.
  • Additional Restoration Versions may be ordered (with initial order, or later).
  • Color CD Cover and Track List is prepared (if selected).
  • An MP3 CD of this project (if selected).
  • CD is cut into tracks by human beings who know where a new track should begin. We do not use automatic cutting into tracks. (Thrifty Transfers: CD has one track.). 
  • Music recordings: each song gets 1 track (minimum unambiguous pause required). Continuous speech recordings: cut into logical segments, approx. 10-minute long tracks.
  • CD is printed (we do not use glued-on labels). (Thrifty Transfers: CD is not printed.).
  • CD is quality checked.
  • CD is delivered in "classic jewel-case" (with optional Color CD Cover and Track List). (Thrifty Transfers: CD delivered in sleeve.).
  • Over 22 years experience - 19,000 successful projects.
  • On-line tracking system.
  • Automatic email notifications on receipt of your recordings and order check-out.
  • Optional RUSH Services: 1 week or 72 hours turnaround time
Forensic Restoration: Any poor quality material submitted for the purpose of boosting volume and improving intelligibility. 
  • We will use forensic tools to:
    • Reduce ambient noise.
    • Raise conversation levels.
    • Reduce frequencies that hold little information while boosting other frequencies.
    • And more. 
  • Intelligibility is a complex and subjective matter. 
    • Expectations should be directly proportional with quality of the material submitted. 
    • The lower the quality, the lower the expectations. Movies portray forensic feats inaccurately...
  • Improving intelligibility of a poor recording is a gamble: intelligibility may significantly or marginally be improved.  We, as professionals, will tilt the odds in favor of "quality". However, we do not participate in the gamble, we do not make any representations or provide warranties. Forensic Restorations are "final". 
SAMPLE: If your recording is already in digital uncompressed format, you may send us a short sample and we will produce an Audio Restoration Sample for you.

    NOTE:  Please do not submit cassette tapes that are not in playable condition. We are not equipped to repair cassettes.

    81-92 minutes transfer not correct length? Here are the other lengths: