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"My name is Robert Griffith and I just received my cassette to cd transfer. I am very pleased with the fast and reliable service I have received. The CD is of the highest quality and far exceeded my expectations. I will be sending in more tapes to be transferred. Thanks for the excellent service!!!!! "

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CD Cover (client supplied materials for scanning)

  • If you want us to scan the original record or jacket, or if you supply us with a picture (an actual picture or a CD with the graphic file to use), you may order a Color Cover and Track List.
  • If you would like a printed track list, please submit a document we can scan (or a text document we can copy and paste).
  • Please remember: "Bigger is Better". Large pictures (or graphic files) that we reduce look MUCH better than small pictures (or graphic files) that we have to enlarge. 

1 to 5 Extra CDs with Cover

  • If you ordered the Color Cover and Track List, you may order 1 to 5 Extra CDs with Cover.

Individual Restoration Units

  • The regular Sound Restoration service provides one (1) restoration per CD. This works best if the material to be restored has similar characteristics for the entire CD.
  • Individual Restoration Units provide individual restoration setting and additional sound engineer time.
  • If your CD includes recordings from different sources, restoring each source individually is recommended (one Individual Restoration Unit per source).

Recording Fee

  • We always ask our customers to please not send in recordings that are damaged.
  • If a record is warped or has other playback problems we need to spend considerably more time on the recording portion of the project. We charge one Recording Fee per record in order to be able to achieve acceptable playback. 

Repair Fee

  • We always ask our customers to please not send in recordings in need of repairs (except for 8-track tapes, which we can repair).
    • Standard Repair (most repairs) 
    • Major Repair (8-track tapes with melted roller, lots of tape spilled out, the shell needs replacing, or other involved repairs) 

Insurance (delivery signature required by USPS)

  • Insurance may be used for all shipping services.
  • For US Postal Service, $100 insurance and up is an inexpensive way of making sure that the Post Office treats your package with extra care and will require signature on delivery. 
  • Insurance is inexpensive and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!