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"GALAPAGOS by Pierre Gouin, Montréal. Your transfer of my more than thirty years old Ampex tape is absolutely perfect. I never hoped the sound of the professional recording would be preserved so faithfully. After so many years, I¹m very happy to be able at last to hear my composition and have it heard by other people! And the price is right! ..."

Sample Restoration


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Price: $48.07
(AS LOW AS $35.09 See below)
Spend $165.00-$549.99, save 6%
Spend $550.00-$1,099.99, save 12%
Spend $1,100.00-$2,749.99, save 17%
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This ordering item is ONLY for sample(s) submitted digitally (by email or upload/download).

You may order Restoration Samples for any type of Audio Restoration service we provide (regular Sound Restoration, Forensic Restorations or Professional Audio Restoration).


  • Please initiate correspondence with us in order to receive an estimated time of completion and so that our email system will accept your sample(s).
  • Please make your segmant(s) of the length you have selected (plus or minus 2 seconds).
  • Let us know the total length of the audio to be restored and what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Please ONLY submit uncompressed audio (not MP3 or any other compressed format).
  • We will return (by email or upload/download) our audio restoration sample as per estimated time of completion.
  • We will also return our evaluation plus a cost and delivery timeframe estimate for restoring the entire audio (audio must have similar problems and will receive similar processing).
  • The sample provided may not be used as "final product" (will be watermarked).
  • The "Sample Restoration" is for the benefit of customer,  so that the customer may assess if he/she, after listening to the sample, would like to proceed to restoration of the entire recording or, if the result of the sample is not satisfactory, to stop and not spend more money.