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"CVC Productions helped me to complete a 50 year journey. I found a Laserdisc on eBay that contained a sports highlight film that I last saw in 1970 and loved. I sent the LD to CVC and within 2 weeks had the DVD in my hands and it is exceptional. They cleaned up a freeze issue and created a wonderful memory of my life. The tracking system they ..."

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  • Original TV Standard NTSC (PAL or SECAM if supported)
    • Different countries have different "Television Standards" (also known as "Television Formats"). We support some formats and not others. Please read carefully and be sure to only order transfers from formats we support.
  • Add one more video or bonus track
    • You may add a second (third or fourth) video source of the same format to a video transfer. The combined length of all video sources must fit the video transfer length you selected.
    • If this is a DVD conversion from PAL to NTSC, you may add one, two or three "Bonus" (or "Extra" or "Special Feature") tracks to your transfer. The combined length of all video sources must fit the video transfer length you selected.
  • For Laser Discs - Eliminate Pause Between Sides
    • By default, for LaserDisc transfers we use automated side changing (screen goes black for a few seconds) while the sides are changed. To have this pause removed, you may select select Eliminate 1 pause or Eliminate 2 pauses (if submitting two LaserDiscs)
  • Extra SD DVDs or 4K UHD Blu-Rays
  • Standard Definition Data DVD - MP4
    • MP4 Data DVD for editing is a high quality format used for Video Editing. Here are the specs: Format: MPEG-4 .mp4. Video codec: MPEG-4. Audio codec: AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). 
  • Setup Fee
    • If we set up to transfer (digitize) a video tape/disc and it turns out the tape/disc is in the wrong format or blank or damaged or unsuited for producing a video transfer, we will not produce a video transfer. Instead, we will stop any further processing, charge a Setup Fee plus return shipping and return the original tape or disc unprocessed.
  • Repair Fee
    • We always ask our customers to please not send in recordings in need of repairs. Occasionally this is unavoidable and a recording must be repaired before we can play it back or before we can continue playback. When possible, we will perform the repair and charge for one Repair Fee (extreme cases may require several Repair Fees).
  • Recording Fee
    • If a video recording (of any format) has any form of tracking or playback problems, we need to spend considerably more time on the recording/digitizing portion of the project. Consequently, we will charge one Recording Fee (extreme cases may require several Recording Fees) per video or audio recording issue or incident in order to be able to achieve acceptable playback (please note that acceptable is not synonymous with perfect, as we may never achieve perfect playback). 
  • Insurance (delivery signature required by USPS)
    • Insurance may be used for all shipping services. It is an option is highly recommended for all orders.