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"As I listen to my CD restorations, phrases like "superb quality" and "meticulous attention to detail" come to mind. Let me explain. I sent twelve LP's to CVC Productions for transfer and restoration, all of which had the pops and cracks that dusty LP's have. One LP in particular, my favorite, was so scratchy that I could no longer listen to it ..."

5-minute proof of Video Transfer Enhancement Restoration Upscale service


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Price: $522.50
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This service is reserved for customers interested in getting a "Video Transfer Enhancement Restoration Upscale" project done

How will this work?
  • Order the 5-minute test video before placing a "Video Transfer Enhancement Restoration and Upscale" order and ship to us your original video material(s).
  • We will produce a 5-minute proof (test video).
  • You may order the test video in one of two versions:
    • VERSION 1: Standalone video. The restored/enhanced clip.
    • VERSION 2: Before/After split screen. The left side of the screen will be the original, the right side of the screen the After restoration/enhancement.
  • Our test segment will start at the 5 minute mark of your video. It will be representative of audio, video and playback qualities of that 5-minute segment of your video.
How do I get to see this proof video?
  • We will upload the test video file and email you a download link. The file may be played with common media players.
What next?
  • If you are satisfied with what you see in the test video, place your order for processing the entire video. At that time you will be able to redeem half the cost of the test video (version 1 price) towards the purchase of the restoration/enhancement service. To get the credit, select the option "Redeem Proof Video" when you place your order.
  • If you are not satisfied with what you see in the test video, the following two options are available:
    • OPTION #1: Let us know what you would like done differently and place another order, for another proof. If your change is feasible, we will accept the order and prepare another proof. If not, we will not accept the order, will let you know the reason and return your video without additional processing. A "return shipping" charge will be added for returning your materials.
    • OPTION #2: Let us know that you do not intend to place an order for full processing. We will return your video without additional processing. A "return shipping" charge will be added for returning your materials.
If I order two proofs, will I receive half off twice, for both proofs?
  • No. We will provide one half cost credit for the first proof you ordered. Additional ordered proofs will not receive a credit.