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The message below is updated each time there is a change in the status of our service.  If you wonder if we are in business, the answer is: Yes we are, and this is the status of our service:

:  Operating at 100%

We are accepting new orders and providing phone and email support.  Orders already into the system, as well as new orders, will be processed in order received, in the shortest possible time.  For quick turnaround, please use one of our RUSH Service options.
We thank all our clients for your tremendous support.
All the best,
Cristian Coban, Ph.D.
President, CVC Productions

Message from Cristian Coban, Ph.D., president of CVC Productions:

Dear friend of CVC Productions,

We have made our Order Tracking system even better.  We know that many customers are worried if we receive the recordings and would like to know that we have received everything safely.  We are now sending an email to our clients when the order is checked in.  Similarly, we are sending an email when the order is checked out and ready to ship.  The Order Tracking emails will come from  

We are committed to provide not only the best transfers in the industry, but also the best Customer Service.  

Best wishes from all of us at CVC Productions!

Cristian Coban, Ph.D.
President, CVC Productions

NOTE:  Your order will be entered in the Order Tracking System only AFTER we physically receive the recordings at our studio.   Please read Why doesn't my order show in the Order Tracking System? before you email us asking "Why doesn't my order show in the Order Tracking System"  Thank you.

-  You can track the progress of your order through our system from the day we receive your recordings until the day you receive your conversions, transfers or restorations.   
All you have to do is enter your Customer ID and click "Search".

Your Customer ID is your last name, followed by the initial of your first name, followed by the 2-letter abbreviation of your state (NO spaces). Please make sure you DO NOT include any extra characters or spaces!  The 2-letter abbreviation of the state only applies the the US.  For other countries, please use the standard Internet domain abbreviation for your country.
        If your name is                   John Smith, from Atlanta, Georgia
        your Customer ID will be:       SmithJGA

Please enter your Customer ID, then click "Search":

Customer ID

E-mail Us I know you received my order today but it doesn't show in the Order Tracking System. Why? 
E-mail Us My order has not moved from Studio Processing in the last 14 days. Is there a problem?
E-mail Us I waited several days but I still can not get my customer ID number to work. What to do?
E-mail Us I live in Canada. Do I use Canadian province abbreviations?
E-mail Us I do not live in the United States. What abbreviation should I use for my country?


The check-in phase is very important (we must log-in every item of every package) and very laborious. There may be a delay between the time when we receive a package and the time when the Order Tracking System is updated.  A package received late in the day may not post until the next day.  Some days we get more orders at the same time than we can thoroughly check-in in one day.  We Admin Process the orders in the order in which we received them.  As soon as your package can be thoroughly inventoried it will be entered in the Order Tracking System.
There may be a few hours delay between the time when we ship a package and the time when the package shows up on the shipper's tracking system.  The package must first arrive at the Post Office (or UPS or FedEx processing center) and then it must be scanned by their personnel.  It is possible for packages not to show up on the USPS or UPS tracking site until the next day.   Sometimes USPS packages get sent on their way to destination before they are scanned.  It doesn't mean that the package will be lost or delayed, it just means that somebody put the packages in "The Big Mail Truck" before the nice man with the scanner had a chance to scan the package.


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