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"I realize now that some lps will never be cd mastered and will fall through the "holes" that do manifest as musical history passes itself on its' own highway.The proof is in the search, as one site after another has absent from their legions of recordings for sale certain titles,groups,and songs.Your service is an absolute necessity for most of ..."

What To Send

After you have placed your order, please securely pack and ship your original recording(s) and payment (if applicable) in a well-insulated container.

We recommend that you use a professional packaging and shipping service such as Mail Boxes Etc., The UPS Store, Kinkos, etc

If you prefer to do it yourself, please visit our How To Send It page for helpful packing tips.

Our Mailing Address:

CVC Productions, LP2CD Division
2757 Park Royal Drive
Windermere FL 34786


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Video-Enhancement-Restoration-Upscale to 4K UHD