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"I was very excited about your website, because it allows me to give my Father a very special Xmas gift that will touch his heart. It will be so great when he hears his own voice on a CD. It wouldn't surprise me if we popped that CD in and started our own family Karaoke on Christmas morning. Thanks for the opportunity."

What You Get Back

In all cases, for all types of transfers (audio or video) the original recording is returned along with the newly produced CD or DVD.

Here is what our product (audio CD or video DVD transfer) looks like:

LP2CD Audio Transfers

Printed CD (no extra charge)

  • For each transferred recording you get a CD, stored in a jewel case with a transparent cover, and labeled. We do not stick a label on the CD, we actually print ON the CD itself (for increased CD life).
  • The labeling includes the artist/composer name and album name, and looks like the image to the right. On the CD label we print 2-3 lines of text. 

Images for illustration purposes only.
CD Label
Color CD cover and tracks list (option)
  • You may order a Color Cover and Track List. The Color Cover will be an exact representation of the album jacket (or cassette cover, or a picture you send in) reduced to the size of the jewel case. We print on premium, glossy paper using a Laser Printer, for amazing color reproduction! Most of our covers look better than the original!
  • We use the entire front cover of the album or tape.
  • If you submit a picture, you may either send an actual picture or send a CD with the graphic file to use. Please remember: "Bigger is Better". Large pictures (or graphic files) that we reduce look MUCH better than small pictures (or graphic files) that we have to enlarge.
CD Coverl
  • With this option, you also get a copy of the tracks list (songs), scanned from the back of album or cassette jacket (if tracks are not printed on the jacket we will scan the record or cassette labels).
  • The "CD Cover and Track List" is a scan of existing artwork. Client must provide original artwork and track list for scanning. 
Track List
And now a quick plug for our new service
Video-Enhancement-Restoration-Upscale to 4K UHD

"But there's more"! Here's what else you may get:

  • Sound Restoration - most imperfections that can be heard on the original recording (scratches, crackles, hiss) will be reduced or eliminated
  • MP3 CD of your transfer - for loading into a computer or any MP3 player
  • Each song is assigned one track on the CD
  • Additional Restoration Versions - ordered at the time when the original recording is submitted or, for an order we have already processed, up to 60 days from the date when your original order was shipped back
  • Individual Restoration Units - for individual attention of special recordings
  • Extra CD Copies (CD Duplication)
  • Rush Service



LP2CD Video Transfers

NOTE: The quality of the DVD transfer is the same for both Simple Graphics and Enhanced Graphics. The difference is in the appearance of the DVD and DVD case jacket. The Enhanced Graphics transfer is really pretty!

Simple Graphics

The graphics are clean, simple and functional.  You save.

DVD - printed in Black and White

  • Title and subtitle(s)

Images for illustration purposes only.
Simple Graphics DVD Label
DVD Case Insert - printed in Black and White
  • Title and subtitle(s)
  • Spine
Simple Graphics - DVD case insert


    Enhanced Graphics

    The graphics are professional and rich.  A "pretty" package, a real joy to look at.

    DVD - printed in Full Color

    • We scan jacket or picture submitted or we capture a frame from video
    • Title and subtitle(s)

    Images for illustration purposes only.
    Enhanced Graphics DVD - in full color
    DVD Case Insert - printed in Full Color
    • We scan jacket or picture submitted or we capture a frame from video
    • Title and subtitle(s)
    • Spine
    Enhanced Graphics - DVD Case Insert