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"Recently, I had an 8-track recording of traditional Korean court music restored and transferred to CD by you folks -- and I was truly amazed at how much your CD transfer enhanced (and actually improved on) the 8-track recorded performance of the small ensemble: the old analog hiss of the original tape was gone; crisp, clear and resonant contrapuntal vocalizations reined throughout; and the vibrance of the accompanying classical Korean string, percussion and wind instruments was actually recaptured with a fidelity I hadn't been able to experience since first hearing these same performers LIVE in Seoul in 1976! I could hardly believe my ears! Thanks for bringing back this priceless memory from my student days overseas in such a vivid and rich way!"

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Audio transfer and sound restoration to CD of recordings (LP, 33, 78, 45, 8-tracks, reel, cassette). Drastically improve the sound of the original recording to Crystal Clean CD sound.

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